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Funicular of Fribourg

Everyone in Fribourg knows the funicular as one of the town’s curiosities. The line was opened in 1899 and links the town centre to the Basse-Ville (the lower area of the town).

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The Tinguely Fountain

The Fontaine Jo Siffert is visible all year round at Grand-Places. The work of Jean Tinguely dedicated to his friend, stands on the lawn behind the place Jean Tinguely.

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0.4 km

The little Train of Fribourg

Spend an hour weaving your way through the picturesque spots of the town of Fribourg and immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of the Old Town with this guided tour.

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0.5 km

Art and History Museum

A rich collection of art and archaeology. The biggest collection of Swiss sculpture from the first half of the 16th century.

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0.5 km

St-Nicholas Cathedral

According to legend, if its 74 m tower is unfinished it is because there was no money left. A jewel of Gothic architecture, the cathedral was built between 1283 and 1490.

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0.6 km

Fribourg station

Fribourg/Freiburg station is open to visitors every day. All the products and services you need are available here from morning ‘til evening, with much more besides.

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Restaurants et marchés


0.0 km

Restaurant Solemio

Discover Italian hospitality and food by Italians! A dining room and a terrace with 150 seats, a fresh and homemade kitchen.

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0.3 km


You like having a walk in markets and choosing the most beautiful fruits, the most beautiful vegetables and meeting the local population?

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1.0 km


The flea market takes place every first Saturday between April and November on the Petit-St-Jean square in the Old Town of Fribourg.

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Environnement naturel


Water trail

A nice loop to discover some of the wonders of the city of Freiburg: The Wood and Pérolles Lake, the dam and the Abbey of the Maigrauge, the fish elevator … and of course the natural beauty of places !

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Along the river Sarine

The thematic tour “Fribourg – along the river Sarine” gives you the opportunity to discover the city of Fribourg through its bridges.

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Gottéron Valley

The Gottéron Gorge opens its doors to you after the Bern Bridge on the right. In the old times, the knights didn’t dare to venture in… It was said that a dreadful dragon was living there…

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